Vuong is a mightily gifted observer... moving and rarely less than excellent.
"Not so much briefly gorgeous as permanantly stunning. 
Vuong writes with a clear beauty and insistence unlike any other writer working today.
“[A] series of high notes that trembles exquisitely almost without break... Marvelous.
"Vuong peels apart phrases and reconfigures them into new, surprising ideas.”

“[L]uminous, shattering, urgent, necessary.”

--Celeste Ng


Paperback on Sale 6/1/2021

Vuong’s deeply felt work might just be the first great fiction of this modern, homegrown travesty.

When writing is this good,

who needs air?”

           -- Jacqueline Woodson

Raw...fearless. [P]rose as radiant and assured as his poetry.

“[O]ne of the best novels I've ever read... This book is a masterpiece.

--Tommy Orange

“A raw and incandescently written foray into fiction by one of our most gifted poets.”
[A] burning effigy of The Way We Live Now, sending the idea of “American values” up in flames.

[T]ruly a masterpiece.”

--Max Porter

“A powerful testimony to magic and loss. A marvel.”

--Marlon James

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