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Interviews & Profiles

Select Publications


Not Even This,” Poetry, April 2020

Almost Human,” The New Yorker, July 2019

Dear Rose,” Harper’s, December 2017

You Guys,” Granta, September 2017

Someday I’ll Love Ocean Vuong,” The New Yorker, May 2015

Prose & Essays

 “The 10 Books I Needed to Write My Novel" Literary Hub, October 1, 2019

Re-Imagining Masculinity,” The Paris Review, June 10, 2019

 “How Can We Make the MFA Workshop More Hospitable to Writers of Color?”              Literary Hub, April 2018 

 “How I Did It: The Seventh Circle of Earth,” The Poetry School, September 2017

A Letter to my Mother that She Will Never Read,” The New Yorker, May 2017 

Surrendering,” The New Yorker, June 2016

The Weight of Our Living: on hope, fire escapes, and visible desperation,” The               Rumpus, November 2014

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